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Hello everybody, and welcome to the Serious Yannick's Home-Page. You'll find here some serious information about me:

In any case, if you have a question or a comment, just contact me.

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Contact & Vitæ

I am Maître de conférence (associate professor) at the Institut de physique nucléaire de Lyon de l'université Claude Bernard (Lyon I). Here is my professional address:

IPNL Institut de physique nucléaire de Lyon,
4ème étage, bureau 419,
4, rue Enrico Fermi,
69622, Villeurbanne cedex - FRANCE
E-mail: y.copin@ipnl.in2p3.fr
Phone: (33/0) 472 431 968
Fax: (33/0) 472 431 452
AIM: YnCopin
ICQ: 236931013

Snovae team

I am head of the Supernovæ team, the astrophysics/observational cosmology-oriented group in IPNL.

Planning enseignements


Curriculum Vitæ en français (2010, PDF), in english (2011, PDF).


Domains of interest

Observational cosmology

I am deeply involved in the Nearby SuperNova Factory, and more specifically in the development of the SNIa-dedicated photometric integral field spectrograph SNIFS.

Technical details about this project can be found on the SNfactory project twiki pages.

Integral field spectrography

More generally, my main center of interest is the integral-field spectrography (logical, if you consider I was a student of the TIGER team...) :

Early-type galaxies

I was deeply (but not much anymore nowadays...) involved in the SAURON project, a scientific project which main goal is to understand the formation and evolution of early-type galaxies from 3D-observations on a dedicated panoramic integral field spectrograph.

Theoritical developments

As I appreciate writing funny equations, I contributed to the development of spectral dynamics.


The most up-to-date list of publications can be obtained from an ADS query.

Ph.D. Thesis

My PhD thesis (in french): Dynamique des galaxies de type précoce: observations 3D et modélisations (in english: Early-type galaxy dynamics: 3D-observations and modeling).


As most of my students are french-speaking :), this section will be in french...

Pour les profs, c'est par ici (accès restreint)


Here are few simple softwares I developped for my own purpose, but which might prove useful (but I doubt...).


Other webpages

I set up a external page for some tests (blog, SPIP). I also have a SNfactory-related TWiki page.

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